By-M R Varma

We cannot define what our mind is perfectly but, we could say that mind is imaginary. Our Imagination capacity does not know any limits and it cannot be measured. It can fly over the moon and Think of the worlds beyond the stars. It can explore the depths of a deep ocean and mount the highest peaks. It has the power to change anything at any time to satisfy its whims. Our mind does not have any limits. At the same time, it does not follow any kind of virtue and order. Our minds have developed over time along with the nature. Since it is a natural process, it does not have any limits and it is always independent and exists on its own. Certain social constructs like human relationships, emotions and comfortable lifestyle have always tried to lock our minds. But, our mind is like a game of chess. It is a conflict between two side of the same coin, one filled with jealousy, hatred, pride and the other filled with love, joys, relationships and responsibility. But, our mind does not know either winning or losing. it is just a continuous duel between the two sides of the same coin.


Our mind is an independent slave

Our culture, customs and social structure are making our mind a complete slave. These are averse to the basic human nature. And that is why there a constant conflict between the above mentioned two sides of the same coin. We have a great knowledge about almost everything these information is being bombarded into our minds. Our minds have the capacity to collect and process all the information before taking any decision and it behaves in a conscious way accordingly. In our present day, a lot of unnecessary information is being bombarded to our mind. This is the reason why there is a lot of disturbance in our mind. This is the reason why we lose our capacity to take a rational decision. The moment we lose the capacity to decide rationally, our minds are filled with dissatisfaction and impatience. We have many example which prove that we are heading towards the above mentionedscenario.


"We must be conscious about the unnecessary things in our life. We must also recognize the necessary things to us and it is very important for us to lead our life in that direction. So we must think properly about our mind very patiently."


Our mind-sets keep changing over the course of time


Our thoughts become our expressions and our expressions manifest our personalities. That is thereason why we must live with proper thoughts. The thoughts we have developed in our childhood and fostered over a period of time will lay the foundation for our future. Our mind-sets will be developed in our childhood between our families, friends, attitudes and experiences. If we develop positive attitude in our childhood, it will foster our happy and successful lives in the future. If we develop pessimistic attitude, we will have to face many problems later in our lives. That is the reason why, the parents are advised to impart optimistic attitude among their children.


Our culture fosters the idea that more importance should be give in teaching the customs to the children over the education itself. Our thoughts keep changing over a period of time. It will depend on our experiences and also our attitudes to it. We will face this change in ourselves from our childhood, education, job, marriage, kids and in the old age. We must assess or thoughts and move on with a positive attitude at any above mentioned stage we are in. Since our foundations for our mind are laid in our childhood itself, it is the duty of the parents, teachers and elders to teach the children patiently to develop positive attitude. Only then, the children will become great personalities in the future.


We must keep observing our mind constantly

Our minds are very discriminatory but due to the external customs and culture, we will follow them out of external pressure. That is the reason why, we must keep observing our external pressure and our internal thoughts. If not, our minds will be in constant conflict with each other. We will have love and hatred at the same time in us. We will also have many emotions like desire, jealousy, revenge and so on in us. It is very difficult to handle all this emotions singlehandedly. So, it is better to transform our minds to suit our needs than to change them completely. We must constantly observe our personalities. We will give importance to the external issues all the time.


We will never try to assess our mind. This is because our thoughts may contain good ones and also bad ones even. Our minds will become messy when we do not categorize our thoughts properly based on their importance. We will never try to assess our minds. because everything will be messy there.When our minds are not clear, our external issues will seem like a problem to us.


When or thoughts and actions are not related, we will not be contended. "We will have to observe our minds constantly. How are our thoughts, our mind-sets? How we speak and behave? Whom do we like and whom do we reject? We should observe all these things properly." Only then, we will completely understand who we really are. We will have clarity on ourselves. It will help us to lead our lives happily with added enthusiasm. We have to believe one thing very strongly and that is our internal world is very important to us than our external world. Whoever has the clarity on his/her internal world, the external world will never be complicated for them. They will have clarity over everything. They will be successful in their lives. One very important thing to be remembered is "One good thought can solve even a thousand problems" and we all have to realize this. Stable mind-set can solve any kind of difficult problem. So, we should never neglect our minds and we should keep observing them constantly.


We must not foster competitiveness in our mind

We will have an attitude of becoming better than others. That is the reason why we stop assessing ourselves and instead we start assessing others. We will be losing so much in this process. We know this but, we cannot help doing it because it is deeply rooted in each of our personalities. If we do not reduce this, we will not be able to live our life with a positive mind-set. We do this to gain upper-hand in our relations, friends, neighbours, co-workers and develop a competitive attitude in ourselves. That is the reason why, we will behave positively and negatively at times. We will assess others based on their words and thoughts. Those assessments may not be true at all the times. But, our minds will be co-operative only towards us at all times. This is because our minds are very selfish. That is the reason why sometimes, "we will accept some things in our life with our words but we reject them in our hearts and mind. This is a very dangerous thing to do. We do this regarding many other issues."


We have to realize that we will the one who is at stake fostering the above mentioned attitude. If we have the capacity and belief in ourselves, we will never be competing with others on any issue. Only if we are incompetent, we will be looked upon by others as a competition. Competition is good for us but it should be in a positive sense. We must not assess others based on our jealousy and hatred. We must realize this and take our decisions positively. We will live optimistically in any field if we follow this advice.


Our thoughts are undisciplined



"Yes. Our thoughts are undisciplined. But our lifestyle is disciplined. This is where man has to be conscious and competent. He/she has to think of ways in which their mind will be synchronized with the external world. If this is not done his/her mind and even personalities will be at stake."


Many people will say that they will do whatever they like from the inside. What is means is that we are following the order give by our minds. So, here is the catch. Sometimes, our minds will give an order which is impossible to achieve in the real world. The real problem starts here itself. Our minds will be disturbing us at unnecessary times. So, we have to train our minds to give right orders. Here it will be very generous. It will pose a question and it will also give the answer. If someone poses an unanswerable question to it, it will not like it. That is the attitude of our minds. "Our mind has a good quality. If it likes, it is ready to do anything to get that. If it does not like it, it will behave in an improper way. If we can realize this, we can understand it clearly."


We will have to look through the minds of others

We will constantly try to assess others and their thoughts. But we do not realize that even others will assess us and our thoughts. All things should be co-operative for us. This is of primary importance for us. Our thoughts will be generated accordingly. We can easily criticize others but we cannot take any sort of criticism on us. This is because, we love ourselves very much. We cannot withstand hatred on ourselves. We will face many issues with this kind of attitude. This is the reason why we are not optimistic between our friends, family and co-workers. We will have a positive opinion on ourselves and in the same way even others will have positive opinion on themselves. We must realize this fact very accurately. If not done, we will be recognized as being very selfish. So, we must look at ourselves through the positive opinion of others on us.


We must assess our positive and negative aspects in us

Naturally, we will have a mixture of positive and negative aspects in us as a blend. We will achieve great success in our lives if we live our life with an optimistic mind-set. In the same way, if we have a pessimistic mind-set, even though if we achieve initial success, we will lose badly and their consequences will be very bleak in the near future. So, we must keep our mind very optimistically in us.


Optimistic mind-set has many advantages. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. We will be recognized an inspirational person.

2. We will lead our life very peacefully.

3. We will become more honest.

4. We will respect others and we will be respected in return. 5. We will become strong to face any kind of problem.

6. We will accomplish any kind of difficult tasks.

7. We can take care of our health properly.

8. We will value human relationships and we receive value from others.

9. We will stay confident all the time.

Likewise, we will live our life with great values.


The problems caused by pessimistic mind-set are mentioned below.

1. Our lives will be very unsatisfied.

2. Pride and jealousy will be increased in ourselves.

3. We will be in constant problems all the time.

4. We will not value human relationships and losing personal and internal strength.

5. We will be bombarded with an unstable thoughts all the time.

6. Our decisions lack clarity and we will be highlighting other's faults.

Likewise, there are many such problems which will be created by us when associated with pessimistic mind-set. That is why we must observe our mind every time. If we don't give in to the external temptation and build a strong mind-set, there is no doubt that we will live our lives greatly and respectfully


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