By-M R Varma

Our feet on the ground and our eyes on the sky… what do we see? Infinity! Though our human eye can see sun, moon and stars at a visible distance, there are many more such stars beyond them. We are constantly trying to discover those distant objects in the space to study them and to show them as the kingdoms to conquer for our future generations (probably for us too). Man is immersed in chasing the infinity upgrading his species thinking capacity. Good for us sapiens! Our sustenance cannot be challenged and our species continue to flourish all over the planet even at the cost of the existence of other species. We are using the planet as we like (remember the Earth Overshoot day) way before the time and space constraints. Once the natural resources of this planet are completely drained, we will soon realize that this planet can no longer be of any use to us. So, that is why we are looking high up into the universe to conquer. We are also of the opinion that there are many more aliens in the universe. We also fear planets colliding with the earth and the end of the earth. But, we do not realize that the real threat this earth is we, sapiens.



Earth is a very beautiful planet


Earth has created many natural resources since its formation. From those natural resources came many different species; likewise, sapiens. We have flourished by using up these valuable resources indiscriminately. Mother Nature provides us a lot, but, we don’t have to provide to her. Neither she would expect anything from us. But, it is certain that she will definitely return the harm we do to her.



We don’t have any exclusive rights over this planet but, we’ve assumed so. But, this earth has complete rights over us. We should realize that first. We are going against our nature and this not a healthy sign for us. When we turn away from our responsibility to save our nature, we will certainly be punished with extinction. The final hours of extinction are fast approaching and soon man has to witness greatest natural disasters.


First of all, why did we arrive at this situation?



Utility, man’s utility! Good food, clean air, fresh water, pleasant environment for man. Our earth is always trying to provide for all of its species, but our desires have also grown beyond our imagination. Though desire for wealth dominates the scenario, desire for knowledge and technology has led us into oblivion. We have depleted our forests. We have built many factories and have polluted air and water. We are using many motor vehicles and polluting cities and nations together. Though we know that we are the reason behind this degradation of living standards, we are not paying any attention to it. We do not have any standards, if there are any, we don’t consider them. And we expect everything to go smooth. And that’s not possible. Now, we’ve realized that we’ve pre-written our gloomy future.


Let’s ponder over one aspect

If we want to live healthy, we should make sure that our environment is healthy. Everyone should think of this as one’s primary duty. One must come up with solution to the existing problems. Now, because of pollution, this whole of earth has become a major problem. There is no nation for the air we breathe, this problem is restricted to not any one nation but all the nations. Let’s think as the responsible citizens, nations, governments. Let’s realize the importance of controlling the pollution. This is not a minor issue because every year 9 million are dying because of pollution. It’s time to rethink our established notions of pollution. Tomorrow is not an exception. Everyone has to contribute to the process of pollution control. Instead of wasting our time on unnecessary issues, let us spend our time on this issue and let us all live happily.





Well said, everyone should have awareness on ..such things, superb...