By-M R Varma

We have our personal needs, familial needs, societal needs, health needs and so on. We continue to have many different kinds of needs every time. Everyone on this earth will live with one’s own needs. There are no differences in needs based on anyone’s status. Needs are there for anyone irrespective of any status to which one belongs to. Those who have any needs, they will constantly look for opportunities. One has to wait for the right time to fulfill one’s needs. We will fulfill our needs in our life only if we look for the right time and opportunity. If one wants to come up and achieve success in the long run, one has to realize the importance of one’s needs to achieve them.


We have to realize our needs by ourselves


Our needs are manifested based on our situations. Only if we understand them logically and with clarity of thought, we could plan our situations accordingly based on our needs. Needs will vary based on our levels of living and we must assess them from time to time. Every need should be fulfilled in their given time itself. Otherwise, with the time passing by, those unfulfilled needs bring deep regret to our lives. This may lead to dangerous consequences sometimes. A few people may recognize their needs properly but fail to achieve them properly because they take the wrong path to achieve them. Those people should value time a lot. Time is like a question mark to many of us. We must answer to the time properly. Otherwise, it will not cooperate with us.


If we answer to the time properly, it will bring many opportunities for us.  If we make use of those opportunities, it will help us in fulfilling our needs.


Immediate needs:- These needs are related to fate. These may arise at any time in any way.


Temporary needs:- These needs are related to our current living scenario. These may arise mostly because of our negligence and the slightest errors.


Long-term needs:- These needs are related to our future and needs proper planning to fulfill these needs.


A few people may realize their needs before in hand itself. A few more would care only if they realize it at some point of their lives. But a few would never care about their needs at all. Those people who had realized their needs before in hand are intelligent. The careless are those who care only if the situation comes. Those who would never care for their needs are fools. Humans do live with needs all the time. It does not know any differences of being rich or poor. That is why needs are very valuable and they are the major part of our lives. One must be ready anytime to fulfill their needs and benefit from them in many ways.





Munna took his father to hospital because his father got severe heartache. Doctor has informed that he has to do operation to his father otherwise it is very dangerous to his father’s health. So, Munna asked about the cost of the operation to the doctor. The doctor informed that it would cost him around 30 lakhs. So, Munna decided to sell the land which he has. So, Munna went to the real estate businessman and told him that he needs money and has come to sell his land. The businessman told that he would give only 40 lakhs for the land. Munna knew that the land’s value will be easily around 50-60 lakhs. The businessman told that he would not give anything more than 30 lakhs. With no choice left, Munna sold the piece of land for 40 lakhs itself. He paid for the operation charges in the hospital to do the heart operation to his father and he brought him home safely.


In the above story, his father’s health and life is very important to Munna. It is his need to get the operation done quickly. So he just sold his land quickly even though it is at very less late. The real estate businessman is only concerned about expanding his own business. So he procured the land at a very less rate. Doctor has work ethics but also needs income. So he took the money to do the required operation to Munna’s father and saved his life. There are different needs for different people based on the individual’s situations. This is just an example. Likewise, in the whole world, the needs depend on situation and changes with it. So, one must realize one’s own needs beforehand. One must plan for it. Otherwise, we would face unnecessary problems in our lives.


“It is very important that we must realize our need whether it is a small one or a big one before in hand to plan accordingly”


Money has the primary role in fulfilling our needs.

Yes, almost 70% of our needs are fulfilled by just the money we have. So have some money to meet those expenses before in hand. We can also stay mentally strong if we have the comfort of excess money. If we are fulfilling all our needs, positivity will be increased in our personality. Then we would be more happy and healthy. It will be easy for anyone to develop oneself if basic needs are fulfilled. If man is developing, it means that he is being helpful to at least 10 others. Yes, our needs completely depend on our financial situation. If we desire a few needs which are beyond our financial capacity, we would be leading an uncomfortable life. We will be filled with dissatisfaction, if we create our needs which are beyond our status.


Once we feel unsatisfied, we could not focus on our basic needs also. So, it is best to create our needs only after completely assessing our financial capacity and with a perfect plan. We must not compare ourselves and our lifestyle needs to that of people who are more financially stronger than us and also who are not so financially stronger than us. If we do so, we will not be able to assess our needs properly. So, one must be very careful regarding assessing one’s needs.


Please give importance to personal and emotional needs

Personal and emotional needs may sometimes push us into difficult times. So, we have to give importance to them. One must take good food to stay healthy, wear decent clothes to look attractive and have a vehicle to commute on time. Personal needs like these will help us to stay emotionally strong. These personal needs, if fulfilled will give us self-confidence. These will also help us to lead a role-model lifestyle. So, one must not neglect one’s personal needs.


“If the person is good, personalities will be good. If the personalities are good, the society will be good. If the society is good, the whole nation will be good.”


We will be mostly attached to societal and financial issues. But, we also need relationships, happiness and peace of mind. Likewise, there are many emotional needs. These emotional needs help us to lead our lives properly. It is very important to save our relationships. If we do so successfully, we will be the winners in our lives. So, one must also give importance to keep one’s mind and heart peacefully. If our minds and hearts are at peace and satisfaction, we will find new enthusiasm to take on forward with our daily lives happily. To lead our life successfully in all spheres, emotional peace is necessary. So, one must cater to the personal and emotional needs completely. We should do this with a perfect plan to live our life happily.


We must give importance to the needs of others also

Yes, if we give importance to the needs of others, we will get much respect from others. It is a very great thing to receive respect from others. That is why, when we realize that we are in a good position any day, we must consider the needs of others and help them. So, that is why, you must wish to be financially great always and depending on your possibility, try to help others fulfill their needs. In our world, there are so many people who cannot fulfill their basic needs and are living pathetic lives. Within your possibility, try helping others fulfill their needs to strengthen your life. So, let us help fulfilling other’s needs and live in a respectful manner.


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