By-M R Varma

We all believe in God that he has created us but do we really believe and follow the path he has laid out for us? If we think about it in depth, we will begin to realize that we do not have clear understanding regarding a few things. Among them, one such thing is the understanding of ‘our belief in God’. If we discuss this concept more clearly, we think of God as the one who does not belong to the external world! We think of God as the one who is related to the inner thoughts of human beings. He will understand our thoughts and thought processes going on in our minds. The feelings such as jealously, anger, cunningness, pride, pity, mercy in us will be known to God! We worship God we seek his blessings. He is the one who knows us all very clearly and let us think about the way in which he will bless us.


Do we really know about God?

We will pray and worship God a lot. But, we also do a lot of wrong things which are not supposed to do. We believe that if we confess our sins to God, we will be forgiven. He may forgive us once but will he forgive us every time we do some wrong thing? Human race has achieved a big success in cheating themselves through this erroneous thinking. Are we really following the path set for us by God? Are we at least trying to know them?


Amidst all the things, God is also a fragment of human imagination

We don’t have any specific opinion on God. Some people will talk against God. Some people will deny the existence of God. Different opinions like these have come up in humans just because of one thing and that is ‘religion’. We have many religions will different belief systems but the orientation of all the religions remains the same! The big question is whether God was born for the sake of religion or religion was born for the sake of God. The block that separates God and humans is ‘religion’. Religious leaders and the clergy are not successful in creating the trust in humans regarding the God. They could manage to do it to some extent. But, the humans have transformed their trust and belief in God into ‘superstitious belief systems’ quite successfully.


While it is a fact that we have many doubts and suspicions regarding God, we will still continue to believe him with our limited knowledge about him unable to comprehend about him completely. We should realize how far better we are in following the God. We have worshipped the God so far only with a limited knowledge. How long it can be ignored? First, we have to ask ourselves whether we have ‘devotion’ or ‘fear’ towards God. If we understand this thing first, we will know the actual reality. If we are facing any problems, we tend to believe that God is giving is this problems to experience happiness later. If we are happy, we again tend to believe that God is blessing us with happiness. We will ascribe all the things to God based on our own perceptions about him. We do so to mask our insecurities and to reduce the melancholia and fear we have in us. We also do this to take a break from the unclear mindset and we live indiscriminately.


“Humans need to have trust and respect on each other. Humans need to have fear and reverence towards the God. God should have mercy and love towards humans. We all know that these basic things are needed in each one but, what we don’t know clearly is that we should consider these statements only if we have honesty in everything stated above”


God is miraculous entity. We have to realize and remember this…

What we know about God from the outside world and what we know about him from the inside of us are from two different viewpoints. We have to realize this. Then we have to believe what appears to be true for us. We believe that trust is life. So, God is all about trust and a strong belief in it.


Our cognitive capacity is the cause behind our belief systems in God and we decide whether to believe in him or not. If we are unable to believe in God strongly from the bottom of our hearts, it is because of our parents, teachers and elders did not provide us enough information about God. This ignorance about God while growing up as adult may or may not transform into belief in God based on one’s thinking perception and situations and subjective experience without any clear knowledge about the God. What we don’t realize is that even our thoughts are God and we have to remember this.


“We are the foundation for the origin of thoughts in ourselves. And ‘God’ is the sole judge for those thoughts”


If the thought is a good one, God will help us in creating a platform to get that thought executed and thereby benefitting us. If the thought is a bad one, God will make distort it or make it backfire on us. This means that based on our thinking and lifestyle on whether they are good or bad, God is keeping track of us every second, every minute, every hour and he will manifest himself in our thoughts steering the course of our action. We call this as ‘fate’. Fate is related to time, time is related to thoughts and the thoughts belong to God. God has a supreme control on our thoughts.


If we think about this, we will definitely realize one thing



God will be useful for us in receiving peace, conquering our fears, increasing our courage and for making our hearts and minds stronger. But how is the God related our economic conditions, societal inequality, caste and class differences? These are all the creations of humans. We approach God on the very issues like these. We have to remember one basic thing which is God cannot give warranty on issues like these which are created by humans. We fear things which are created by ourselves. What will be the result if we approach God on these issues? We must realize that we will not get any result even if we expect anything from God.


Some will say “What can we do? Everything is in the hands of God”.

Why these differences, struggles, pains, problems and responsibilities? God has already guided us on how to live our lives. We have followed them indiscriminately as we wanted whenever we wanted and made the very thing about God into truth from falsehood and falsehood from truth. We have to realize a fact that God has stopped humans from the bursting of dangerous desires and indifferences buried in them. We must believe this fact very strongly.


Now, even God is used for business

Yes, the name of God is taken and it is used to run a huge business. Do you believe it? Many spiritual organizations, missionaries are spending lots of money to propagate their religion and their God. Everyone is trying so hard to propagate their religion. There is a sense of unnecessary pride in this propagation of the religion. Unnecessary pride is the other side of the coin of the religion. This is the reason behind the present scenario in our society. Purity is essential for devotion. But now, the situation is different. That is why the belief of God in humans is being reduced drastically.


 In order to tackle this situation, we must separate the concept of money and God. Otherwise, our world will be filled with non-believers.


At least now, let us remove all our suspicions, increase our faith and strive for the divine world which is devoid of any differences and inequality. We have the responsibility of setting ourselves as an example for our future generations. Otherwise, God will be vanished as time passes by. So, we shall all think and increase our faith in God. Let us live to fill in everyone the faith in God. And let us save the God.


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