By-M R Varma

Man is known for his sagaciousness during his sapient transformation which is manifested in the distinction between himself and other living creatures. Over years, he had been transforming himself completely from defining his existence as “humanity” unlike brutes. He had built his own distinct nature of living by understanding and learning his own emotions. He built a lifestyle for himself defining the aspects of humanity all the way while nurturing his emotions. From there he has defined who is God and therefore he himself became a God. He created an institution of religion and they have multiplied thereafter. He built empires, became a king and fought for empires waging deadly wars. By fostering his scientific temper, he made tremendous efforts to develop his standards of living and strived very hard to make this world a better place to live in. 

Even though, we have achieved a lot than required, we continue to live by the standards of humanity and we try to live with peaceful coexistence with our nature. But, the nature by which the human existence is defined is losing its essence these days. Humanity is nowhere to be found in its unadulterated nature now. The major reason for this to happen is the “technology” and its revolution.


“Man has made great scientific progress with his thinking capacity”


Man has made tremendous scientific progress and invented many technologically advanced machines and they have helped him a lot to develop his living standards. Now, he has reached the threshold point of scientific discovery and this led to “technological revolution”. Man had only one enemy so far and that is the man itself. He fought the war with man itself and now the scenario is changing. Man has created a substitute called technology and now, he is waging war on this substitute which is in turn created by man himself.


“One must understand the major consequences of this technological revolution. Technology has brought this planet, nature and the surroundings closer to us and at the same time, it has pulled us humans away from us. And we are humans are struck in this never-ending unreachable journey.”


If we do not make use of this technology in the right way, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Let us know a few of them.


  • Our emotions become unstable.
  • We become disconnected from our culture and our roots.
  • Human relations and social life is disturbed.
  • Man becomes lonely.
  • Man’s vision and attitude will be changed completely.


Likewise, in so many areas, man is becoming a slave to the technology. Our scientific knowledge of this nature is about 20% before 20 years and now, it has increased into 80-90%. And that weight of technology is brought down onto the emotional health of the man. And man’s emotional health is becoming unstable day after day.


In the past we have depended on telegram or post to get to know some distant news and it took some time to reach us and now, we get to know any kind of news happening in any corner of the world inhabited by sapiens possessing a mobile phone with internet connection within minutes or even seconds. And many kind of unnecessary news are being pushed into our internal cognitive functioning. We are becoming slaves to many digital tools like television, YouTube and facebook. And finally man has lost the sense of time management. His focus on his work is being reduced gradually. And finally it affected his emotional stability.


Let’s take an example to understand this clearly

Our emotions are like a fresh water pond. We are dumping all our waste and toxic products in that pond and we feel disgusted by looking at that pond. In the same way, we feel disgusted with each other after filling each of our emotions with toxicity. We have made ourselves agents of toxic emotions. And this is the reason why, the distance between men is increasing and we are becoming increasingly disconnected with each other.


“What’s interesting is that we hold that hellish tool of disconnecting human relations called mobile phone (though it may appear as fostering our distant and immediate relations) in our hands and try to surf the internet about afterlife and heavenly paradise. Just look at our imperceptive curiosity of humans!”


Criminal tendency among the humans has increased a lot. We talk about those pessimistic issues over and over again and our basic human attitude has changed over time. Right now, we are suffering between our conflicting emotions and we lost our capability to perceive things authentically. And in the near future, this will turn out dangerously affecting the humans significantly. And this is the right time to act against that.


“Let’s note an important issue regarding our culture”

Our past generations have never tried to cross the line of culture ad never gave up on following age old traditions. They have led their lives peacefully with honor and respecting each other. These days, we are trying to wipe out that line completely and we are being unaware of its increasingly dangerous consequences. Especially for the present day youth, following culture and tradition is felt as a burden on them. All this happened just because of the technological revolution. It brought the world closer to us and we began to compare ourselves with each other. We began to build ourselves with our independent thoughts. And now, we think of culture and tradition as a joke. Tradition has become as an obstruction on our road to freedom and happiness. We are following tradition and culture only for our important ceremonies and after that, in our daily lives, we neglect the tradition. This is because we follow a tradition called “technology”. We socialize and celebrate with the help of this mobile phone. We get bored of festivals and don’t have any time to visit temples. Adding to that, we don’t listen to our elders words.


“The mobile phone inn our hands is the main reason for our broken human relationships”



The very mobile phone in our hands is the reason for our decreasing human relations. Even though we knew this fact, we proceed to use this tool and we have gone beyond the scope of understanding the seriousness of the issue. Over time, it will stand on our way to freedom and privacy and we need to realize this as soon as possible. India is known for its human relations worldwide but, with the advancement of technology and its encroachment into our daily lives has put our identity into question.


“With technology waging war on humanity, man is not at all ready to face the technology; instead, he is willing to surrender to the technology”


At least now, scientists, thinkers, governments and philanthropists need to take necessary steps to restrict the use of technology and restore our faith in humanity. Certain measures to be followed are mentioned below.



Every individual should be allowed to use only one mobile phone just like one identity card. There is no need to have two mobile phones and four SIM cards.


Only adults aged above 20 years of age should be permitted to use the internet. It should be allowed only for specific purposes and only for certain period of time. Because, we are wasting half of our time on the internet which is very dangerous.


Censorship should be imposed on television advertisements, YouTube, Facebook ad TikTok posts. With the mask of freedom of expression, people are posting inappropriate content online. We could reduce this significantly with the imposition of the censorship on them.


The use of mobile phones should be banned on the premises of temples and in the schools.


Government should take necessary steps to control the use of mobile phone.


So, these are some of the required steps to follow to restrict the technology from our personal lives. Each and every individual should try to take responsibility for this cause and save our humanity from the deadly technology. Let’s think about it and reduce the use of technology to live peaceful and happy lives. Let’s live as humans possessing humanity within us.


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