By-M R Varma

The present population of the world is 750 crore. Experts estimate that the population may reach 1000 crore between 2050 to 2100. This estimate turns out to be true. There are many opportunities for population to 800 crores by 2200. By 2300 population may reach less than 500 crores. We can estimate that by 2500 population from 200 to 300 may exist on the earth. Many people express concern that the population may increase considerably in the future and the earth not provides sufficient resources to meet the requirements of the increased population which may lead to many difficulties to be faced in the future. We are at present seeing it accordingly. We may come to comprehension that the changes brought by technology and tradition may bring revolutionary changes in our lifestyles.


A decrease in traditional values is the reason for the change:-                                                           

To say simply the traditions strengthened the relationship between man and man. But the technology created the distance between man and man. Is this not the truth? Tradition is a combination of relationships, values and rituals and spirituality. We have heard in history many examples of man valuing traditions more than his life. But technology appears to completely different from it. It slowly breaks the relations and has already changed human values and isolates humans. We might have observed many changes in the last 20 years in human beings. Technology made human life very easy and goes on keeping the man away from the necessity of another man. Today 40 to 50% of our lives depend on technology. Technology is covering all fields nowadays.  Undoubtedly in the future, it may dominate us. Man is also ready to become a slave to technology. We can understand it according to our lifestyle. Therefore the necessity of one man to another man may not be there in the future. There is no doubt that this consequence may lead to family planning.



The institution of marriage responsible for population increase will see many changes:--  


 Yes. Men are losing their belief in the present institution of marriage. Because technology is taking the man towards freedom. Hence man has become obsessed with technology. But tradition and marriage as a planned system are trying to in midst of values, religious beliefs sacrifices, and responsibilities. But the man dislikes it. Therefore he is joining hands with technology. In the past values were attached to marriages and religious, matters. Religions adopted their respective systems. When some religions began to spread their religions population started increasing extremely. It reached its peak before the 18th century. This becomes clear when seen from pre and post the 18th century. The religious beliefs went to the extent of producing the children from 4 to 10 children. We can understand the extent of its impact. Along with its superstitions and lack of education and for future security are also the reasons that contributed to an extreme increase in world population. Our greatest achievement in the post 18th century is extreme increase in population along with globalization. This may not continue in the future.

  Man is distancing himself from his beliefs by the technological revolution. Now man is thinking that marriage is a burden as may be seen from his attitude. There seem to be more opportunities for more intolerance towards it. Estimating it we may of view that population may increase in the future. If we think that a family has two to three children after 50 to 100 years that is approximately between 2050 and 2100 each family will have one child. There are many opportunities for it. In addition to these varied changes are taking place in our cultures. Live In and Coexistence) are increasing the values and new traditions may play important role to decrease the population. It can be said without any doubt.  Acts and rights are made following the technology which is inviting new traditions. We should see it and understand the future.


The number of people opting for Living Relationships may increase by 25% of the world population by 2100.


Many countries have brought the Acts permitting the Live In life. This culture is seen among the rich and celebrities and is now spreading slowly to all sections of the people. The freedom created by technology is the main reason for this change. The technology has not only speeded up our life but also is increasing its linked in relationship with all aspects of our life. There is no doubt that this will give its effects to temporary relationships. Because we are seeing its characteristics in society. Coexistence (Live In) is practiced to the extent of necessity and left later. It is very clear that its effect may be more in the future. Now a beginning has been made to define afresh the tradition, values, and love.  We can surely understand that technology which has given freedom is the reason for it. We should understand it. This will certainly lead to many consequences. We are sure of it. Man in the past lived for responsibility but is now learning to live. Now man is leaning more towards Life In life than for the future. There may not be its immediate effect now If we just imagine the future 100 years we will have definite comprehension about it. We may also have an idea of stopping it.



Family planning may be one reason for the reduction in average annual income in the future.


At present unemployment is a main problem in the world. About 30 to 40 percent of the people are facing problems due to a lack of average income. If this situation continues they are ready to depend on agriculture industrial sector IT and technology. Changes are also fastly taking place in line with this change.  If such circumstances emerge there is danger of the rising unemployment problems by 70 to 80%. We, therefore, can understand that this effect may lead to disturbing circumstances in the future and life becomes more burdensome. We may, therefore, be of the view that there may be more opportunities to decrease in the population in many fields. Seeing the speed in the technology we can understand it. It is therefore necessary that taking into consideration the fast-changing technology we have to take more careful steps which is highly essential. We can definitely say that at present there are no circumstances to obstruct the technology. Therefore we have to struggle hard for the future. Man is distancing away from his beliefs due to technology. Seeing the attitude of the present man they are thinking of marriage as a burden. There are opportunities to be more intolerant in the future. Estimating on this basis, we may opine that the population may not increase in the future. If we think that every family gets two or three children by average after 50 to 100 years that is between 2050 to 2100 each family will have only one. In addition to this, our cultures are undergoing different changes. We can say without that the value of the culture of co-existence and homosexuality is playing an increasingly important role in obstructing the growth of the population. Because Laws and rights are inviting these cultures according to technology. We can understand the future keeping in view these observations.


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