Life is like a sea journey. Everyone will go on with the journey from one side of the sea to the other side in many different ways. The rich go in ships, the middle class go in boats and the poor go in canoes. But the poorest of the poor will stay on one side of the shore itself. So, it is very important for us to grow to go on with our journey smoothly. Growth here means moving towards leading comfortable life. Determination is very important for growth. We can achieve anything very easily if we have determination in us. Some of them will achieve their goals very easily but, some some of them cannot achieve them even though they work very hard.

"Life will never give anything free for us. We must mold our life with hard work, determination and time management"


We must move forward with strong determination.

We can do whatever we believe in. We will move forward to do whatever we believe that we can do. If we want to achieve something, we will say to ourselves "I must do it" and we will move forward. If we want to achieve anything, we will stand strong for it against anything. We may face obstacles, problems but we must be ready to face them all. Only then, we will achieve success.


"Those who want to achieve success, they do not wish to change their decisions."

Mukul wanted to become a doctor. But his father if agricultural labor. His father if running the family with a meagre salary. But, mukul studies very well. He doesn't have enough money to become a doctor. So, he also started to work. He used to study earning his own money. He used to work hard and study around 16 hours every day. He has nothing in his mind other than becoming a doctor. He worked very hard with the meager resources and got MBBS seat with merit. He got good opportunities. He became a reputed doctor finally within less time. With that, he raised his family to higher levels.

Nothing is an obstacle for our success. If we have a strong desire, determination and do hard work, we will achieve whatever we desire.


We must assess our faults while trying.

Almost everyone in this world will try to achieve success. But only a few will achieve success and few others fail to achieve success. Whoever will assess their faults while trying and moves forward will definitely achieve success. We must understand the situation properly and plan accordingly before we start anything. We must rectify our mistakes if any immediately. We must solve them and move forward to achieve success. Great men who have great success have once gone through great problems. They were not happy to stop trying and they've achieved their desired success.

Kabir has a flower business. He started selling flowers from a small shop. But, he did not the desired income and he was at loss. So, when people did not buy his flowers from his shop, he sold the door of the flower to door. Even then he was not getting the desired result. But kabir did not give up. He wanted to improve his business at any cost. He got an idea this time. He has written a board "Lucky people will buy flowers from my shop" and resumed selling flowers from his shop. The people showed interest in buying flowers from his shop. His business began to improve instantly.

We may not assess properly sometimes while we are trying. we must rectify those mistakes early on and move forward. We must never be disheartened by anything. Some people will get anxious about facing small problems. They think that they failed because of their incapacity. We must come out of that mindset because we cannot do anything with that kind of mindset. We must move forward with a strong determination that we are capable of doing anything.


We must never expect the results immediately.

We will expect some result in any work we do and there is nothing wrong about it. But, when we expect the result to be immediate, that is wrong. Only when we have co-ordination between our desires, our plans, our thoughts, and our actions we will achieve the desired results. When things are not in our favor, we must behave patiently. We must move forward with a positive attitude. Some are ready to do anything to get things done and some are planning things to get anything done. Most of the people are failures those who expected the results to be immediate.

Tarun wanted to make some money immediately. He has finally decided to invest some money in stock market and make money quickly. He bought shares in a company. Tarun got some income initially. With added enthusiasm, he bought a few more shares in the same company by investing more than he got by borrowing some money this time. This time he was at loss. Tarun had realized that he was rushing for things to be done and immediately decided to solve his problem.

Many people will assess their income before in hand to start anything but, they will not realize the problems involved. Many people will face problems here. Those who expect results in a short time will never concentrate on problems involved. They will depend on luck. Those who will look for results with farsightedness will be successful. There are many examples of this. It is a mistake to think that everything will go on smoothly. It is not possible here. We must concentrate on whether we are taking things on the right track or not. Only then we will be able to do things properly. Likewise, we will get the expected results.



"We will assess the results of our work, likewise, we must also assess the way we do the work. only then, we will get the expected results."


We must never compare ourselves to others.

We must never compare ourselves to others because of our situations, capacity, experiences will decide our plans. We will always want to be someone else, have money like they have. Likewise, we will always compare ourselves with others and desire to be better than others. But here is the real problem. We will be stable if we assess our situations early on and we will lose stability if we compare ourselves to others. We will lose a lot from that. That is the reason why, if we want do something great, we must assess our situation properly. We must move forward accordingly. We will stay concentrated every time and we will achieve success definitely. 60% of the problems will be caused by comparing ourselves to others. The result will be manifested negatively on our work. So, it is very important for us to stay away from these thoughts. Only then, we will move forward in the right manner.


The things that are blocking our growth:

1. We must not be afraid of problems: If we expect the problems before in hand, we will be ready to face them and we can avoid them. We must be conscious of this in any situation.  If there are any problems, we must face them courageously and if we are afraid, we will lose a lot and we will be liable for any loss. We must be careful and expect problems before in hand and make ourselves ready to face them.

2. We must never be disappointed: If something is not happening as we expected, we will be disappointed a lot. We will lose a lot from that because, if we are disappointed, we will lose interest in the work we do. That is why, we must never be disappointed. We must realize that if we think that we can do it, we will never be disappointed. If we are with strong determination, we will nver be disappointed. We will never be satisfied till be achieve our goals. We must realize this and make sure that we are never disappointed to lead a successful life.

3. Do not give reasons: We must always give reasons for success but, never for our failures. If we do so, that means that we are showing that we are failures altogether. It will act as a blockade in our next attempt to success. We must remember that recognition is only for success and not for failures. We must never forget this.

4. We must not repeat our mistakes: We must be very careful in not repeating the same mistakes. If we do so, we will lose confidence in ourselves. clever people will learn from their mistakes and intelligent people will learn from others' mistakes. If we make any mistakes, we must rectify them immediately and make sure that we do not repeat them again. Only them, we will achieve our desired goals. It is great to learn from mistakes and making sure we do not repeat them again.

5. We must not believe in luck: If we do the work carefully, we will get the expected results. but, when we think that only luck will bring all the success, We are at fault here. If we have determination and honesty in our work, we will be having luck in us only. Good luck and bad luck are just hallucinations. It depends on the optimistic and pessimistic attitudes on people. We will call our growth as good luck and failure as bad luck and these are just our imaginary perceptions.

6. We must value time: Time is of primary importance in our growth. The right decisions we take in our lives will place us in great situations. That is the reason why we must give value to the time. Those who made use of time properly, they will surely achieve success. There are many examples for this. It is very hard for us to achieve success if we waste our time. We must realize this and maintain time management. We must do some things in the given time itself and we will become successful for following this. Time is valuable and we must realize that.

7. We must believe in the work we do: We must believe in the work we do because we will do the work only when we believe in it. we must believe in it till the end to achieve success. We must realize that we cannot do anything without believing in it. Others will not believe in us unless and untill we believe in ourselves. We must not lose our belief in it because belief is the foundation for growth.


Likewise, we must be aware of so many things. Only then, we will be able to achieve success easily. If we want to achieve success, we must experience many positive and negative aspects throughout our journey. We must fill ourselves with positivity and practice discipline. we must make use of all the aspects enhancing our growth. We must concentrate on all the positive aspects of our growth. Only then, we will achieve great success in our life.

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