By-M R Varma

The nature of the time is that it goes ahead uninterrupted. If there is anything that is applicable to all uni formally it is time only. It never stops for anyone. Time has no birth and end. Time is only the witness to all the happenings in the world/Universe. Time always teaches us various incidents of history. We also disappear any day in future in the journey of time.   Therefore the time we have at present should be made good use of and lead our life in a proper way.


We should comprehend that time is linked to our way of life in the world. Then only we can understand clearly true value of the time. We have 24 hours a day. The skill of our lives depends on the way we use the time. Yes, we should understand it. All aspects of life will be in our control if time is properly used. Our health, work relations and objectives will go well favourably in our life. Misuse of our time will make our life zigzag. Some times we may also have to pay a heavy price for it.  The extent of our happiness depends on the good use of our time. Every second and every hour should be in our control. Then only we will be able to lead a clear cut life.     

Quotation:- " proper use of time is of great matter. But we understand that  negligence to use it properly will be dangerous."


 People think of the time in many ways:

Some people say it is not proper time and some others say that we will see when the time comes. Others say that time is not convenient for me. Some others say that time must be given its true value. Thus we express different views on time. The main characteristic aspect of the time sways our emotions. We should understand that time is the main reason for our fears , troubles, happiness and delights. The carelessness we show in following the time will lead to many problems. It is almost well known to all. But our failure to use time properly make us face problems. We should make our thinking of time mature.

Quotation:-Our thoughts play an important role in the use of time. Time also can change our thoughts".

Negligence is the fierce enemy to time.

In many matters, we behave negligently. Where there is negligence there will be no progress. Every one of us should take note of it. Time would not give value for negligence.

A student should not neglect his studies. An employee should not neglect his duty. A businessman should not neglect his business. A family head should not neglect his family. Thus sufficient time should be given to all these things for the completion of tasks. If neglected time will create the problems for all. We should go ahead by linking with time. We should be very careful in making use of time with discipline and then only we can go ahead with progress.


Quotation:-"We have a passion for achievement. We should understand that we can achieve it only when we compromise with time."


Time is important for our way of living.  

 If we do not eat the food timely our health will be subjected to illness. Not sleeping timely will affect our peace of mind. If we do not act timely we can not achieve any progress. Thus in this way, the role of time is very important. The time is divided into parts according to the change in nature. We should go ahead according to it. The difference between human beings and animals is that they go ahead according to the nature-related time. What is surprising is that animals follow the time of nature more than human beings by using the time properly. They mingle with nature in living their lives.

The animals have more understanding than us about the changes in nature. They estimate their necessities and meet them timely. But the man is keeping abreast of nature. He likes to live his life according to his self fixed rules and conditions. But our way of life is linked to nature. We should understand it thoroughly But we go in the opposite direction. Therefore more problems face us. Our mind and body are products of nature and are responsible for our health and mental problems. But have completely violated the time schedule of nature. Therefore we are facing many problems. We should understand it.we should go-ahead to link nature-related life with our way of life. Then only we will live a peaceful and healthy life.

Quotation." We have such freedom that we can not question ourselves."

 Taking timely decisions is very important:-

We face many problems for not taking timely action. Therefore decisions should be taken in time. Decisions taken should be implemented regularly. Following time schedule help it a lot. If we decide that we should wake up daily at 6 AM we should follow it otherwise it will mount pressure on our mind. The work we want to do or someone we want to meet or health rules framed by ourselves must be attended to regularly. Time acts as a weapon to execute these things. We should think that failures in our efforts indicate a lack of our mental stability and the time is not in our favour. If we can not stick to our decisions we definitely lose the ability to question others to follow them. Therefore decisions should be taken timely to proceed ahead properly. Then only we will succeed in life.


Quotation" No delay should be caused in taking decisions and no delay should be caused in implementation of the decision. These two are dangerous."


 Time is more important than money.

In the present society, money has more importance. This is a well-known matter to us. Money can be invested to earn more money. But to divide and multiply it is related to time. We invest money for doing business and conversion of this money into income requires a plan of action. which is related to time. We can earn the money if the plan is implemented in time successfully we can earn the expected money. Investing money without a proper plan by wasting time will result in the loss of money invested. Some people deposit money in the bank in fixed deposit some others invest money in business and some others think of earning money by gambling. Use of time by these people is different from one another. Bank deposit takes longer time but gets less income but it is stable. Investors get profit or loss according to their plan. Gamblers may get money soon and also lose it. Thus people earn money in different ways. They may calculate money with time and may get double money or lose it.

In any field, they make use of their experience and time and certainly make achievement.

Quotation:- "Friendship of money with time produce good or bad results."


We feel the past as real and future as imaginary.

Past life teaches us many experiences for us. They remain embedded in us. We should think about and understand them. They guide us in the proper way to shape our future and will be of great use for us. Most of us prefer to attribute our past mistakes to lack of experience. Unable to come out of it they make their future dark. But in the past, we might have done many useful good things. We consider them in a big way and then only enthusiasm and determination increase. They will help us achieve progress in future. Past can never return. Therefore we should not waste the present time. 

Quotation:-There is a passion in us for achievement. But we understand that it is only possible when it compromises with time.


There is no bad time and good time.

Most of the people say that they do not have a good time. But they feel this way according to their wisdom. This kind of view emerges from the way we use the time. Time is like a thread and a garland is made the way we knit the flowers to the thread. Perfect knitting of the flowers depends upon our skill. Here think of the flowers as our thoughts and decisions. We can have more opportunities to achieve positive results if time is suitably linked with our thoughts and decisions otherwise we will have to feel bad time.

Quotation:-  Time teaches all things to us. Are we ready to learn?


Time creates an illusion.

Most of the people waste their time thinking that what others are thinking about them. Some other people waste their time worrying about their inability to achieve fixed targets. The matters that cause instability in our thoughts should be understood. We should make efforts to think more about actual circumstances. We waste our valuable time comparing ourself with others. We should explore the ways to pull ourselves out of such thoughts Otherwise we may lose our aims and individuality. We should make definite assessment to find out which is reality and imaginary. Otherwise, the time trouble us a lot.

Quotation:- Time will be at our command if we are efficient. If not we asses other's time. We should understand it.

Time always teaches the lessons. We prefer to link unnecessary matters with illusions to live our life. Instead, we should try to understand the lessons taught by Time to proceed ahead to achieve amazing results...We should understand it".


Let us learn some valuable things about the time:--

1) Stop spending time lazily.:- 

We are wasting a lot of time with friends, meetings, parties and watching cinemas and TV. But what we understand is that it is not proper for us to spend the time on these things as if we achieve something. Entertainment is necessary but not with uncontrolled time. This may be bad as it may lead to bad consequences.


2) We are entirely responsible for our own time.

Whether we are leading a meaningful life or wasting it depends upon the way we use the time. We should our selves responsible for it. Therefore we should understand the value of the time to proceed ahead. Otherwise, time poses unanswerable questions. Therefore we should behave with responsibility a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with time.


3) The time defines the change:--

 Changes take place according to the passage of time in the way of our living. We should move ahead according to them. We should understand the latest changes. Else we lag behind in our life. Past differs a lot from the present. There will be a change from today to tomorrow.This is a continuous process. We should change according to it. We should stop thinking of future days would be and how tomorrow would be. We will get positive results concentrating on the present life.


4)Every item of work should be allotted time.

We should set apart some time for our health and other works. Time should be alloted to each aim. Thus  allotting time for each item of work we can achieve good results.

Otherwise, our negligent behaviour will make us face many problems Therefore e awake up early and draw up an action plan to allot the time according to priorities and achieve results in any field.


5) Planning is necessary for every item of work.It is very important to plan for doing every work .

 We should  draw up the plan of action in advance as how to how to start and how to complete it to achieve good results. Planning is necessary to go ahead  in respect of matters relating to make a business doing a job or performing a travel and this helps to form a favorable outlook towards our life. Lack of planning results in mounting pressure on our mind which leads to a lot of loss. Therefore planning is of utmost importance.


10 Tips for proper use of time.

1) Be careful about watching TV, YouTube and Social media to avoid waste of time.

2) We should find out the place where we waste our time and use that time for valuable works.

3)Learning something daily will benefit us a lot in future.

4)  It would be better to think in advance and plan as to how we should be after one year and   10 years. Thus setting apart time for each item of things we can achieve good results. Our negligent attitude will create many problems.  

5) We should not regret about the past and do not hope for future. It is enough to make good use of present time to get better life.

6) Do not do any work in hurry. It would not produce a good result. Allot time to each work according to requirement which will be good.

7) We should observe as to how we are using our time from morning to night. This exercise gives us more advantages.

8) Some works are to be immediately started and other works to be started as planned by allotting the time. It is very important.

9) We should not be negligent towards our health, our work and our relations. These things should not be neglected.and to definitely allot the time.

10) The use of time enables us to achieve anything. This realization gives us many advantages.

 Thus understanding the value of the time will lead us to many victories. Therefore we should value the time and give importance to it


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