Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

Kalinga is a hunter in a village named Uddoor. The means of his livelihood is hunting only. There is a very large forest nearby Uddoor. Kalinga goes to the forest regularly to hunt birds and small animals. He used to sell his hunt in the market to earn his living. One fine day, a rich man in Uddoor called Kalinga and asked him to hunt a deer and bring it to him. The rich man offered Kalinga a heavy pay if he does this task. Kalinga accepted his offer and set out to hunt a deer in the forest since he was about to get huge amount of money. Kalinga did not hunt a deer anytime in his life because to hunt a deer, he has to go deep into the forest where he knows there are wild animals like tigers. However, Kalinga has decided to go deep into the forest and hunt a deer because he would be getting a huge sum of money at once which is equal to the money he would earn hunting for three months.


Kalinga walked very deep into the forest. On his way, he has encountered many animals but, since his target was a deer, he ignored them and kept on walking in search of a deer. He spent one whole day in the deep forest and kept on searching for a deer. While he was going on searching, he heard some noise aside. He turned aside to see a deer walking by. He felt very happy to find one deer finally after a long search. He started to follow the deer slowly. He set the rifle in his hands to shoot the deer. At the same time, a tiger which was following the same deer from long time came there and saw Kalinga. Kalinga took aim at the deer with the rife and started to move forward slowly and the tiger also started to follow Kalinga from his behind slowly. Just when Kalinga was about to shoot the deer, the deer looked at Kalinga and started to run for its life. Kalinga also started to run behind the deer to catch up with it. Kalinga took aim once again and fired at the deer since he was worried that he would lose the deer. He missed the deer since the deer was running away. The tiger was watching all these from behind and roared very loudly and started to run towards Kalinga to pounce on him. Kalinga heard a loud roar and looked back. The tiger was approaching towards him very quickly. He started to run away from the tiger in fear. He was feeling bad since he has missed his target and also afraid that he would lose his life if he didn’t run faster. The deer is only worried about saving its life. Kalinga’s target is hunting the deer. But his immediate task is to escape from the approaching tiger. The tiger is only concerned about killing the deer or Kalinga. Likewise, all the three are chasing each other for food and running away from each other for life. The tiger was approaching Kalinga very quickly. He wanted to shoot the tiger with the rifle in his hands but it was impossible to take an aim and to shoot at that speed of running. Instead, he ran away from the tiger very quickly escaping from it in a few seconds and he climbed up a tree.



The tiger stopped near the tree itself. It saw Kalinga and gave out a loud roar. Kalinga sat on the branch of the tree and took aim with his hunting rifle and shot the tiger dead. Kalinga felt relaxed after killing the tiger. Kalinga was surprised at himself because he came there for a deer and he has got a tiger altogether. He also saw the deer standing far away and he took aim at the deer and he didn’t miss this time. He took both the dead deer and tiger and came back to Uddoor. Since he shot the deer and the tiger at the same time, everyone heaped a lot of praise on Kalinga. The rich man took both the deer and the tiger paying Kalinga a huge sum of money. He got the money at once that day which he used to get normally hunting for at least a year. Kalinga felt very happy for all of that.



When we have big targets in our life, we must have the risk-taking spirit along with the presence of mind. In the above story, Kalinga did the very same thing. Even though, his target is to kill the deer, he gave importance to save his life first. So, he could get more than what he had expected. If we are setting out to do something big, we will be faced with a few obstacles. If we practice presence of mid, we will be saved from the existing problem and at the same time, we will be getting many more opportunities.



If you want to achieve your target, you have to take a step forward courageously. If we have a plan along with the presence of mind, we will achieve any target very easily”

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