Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

It is the farewell function for the final year students in the college. Everyone is in a joyous mood and were enjoying happily. Different performances were being given by the students on the stage. Rohan entered on the stage eventually and suddenly, the whole auditorium started to shout "Rohan! Rohan!" Rohan is a good dancer and that is the reason why he is recognized in the college widely by everyone. Everyone used to encourage him that he will become a good dancer one day in his life. So, Rohan also chose dance as his career. In that farewell function, Rohan has danced very well and everyone admired it. On that day, Rohan has finished his graduation. Rohan is from a middle-class family. His father is doing a job to educate him and his younger sister. His father always wanted him to join any job soon after completing his education. So, his father advised him to find some job. But, Rohan always wanted to become a good dancer. He always wanted to prove his talent in films and T.V shows. He told his father about his ambition but his father did not approve his decision. His father asked Rohan to think about the financial background of their family. "It is very difficult to run the family with just my work. If you also do some job, things will be alright. It is your responsibility to get your sister married.", said his father to Rohan. Rohan was silent to his father's words. Rohan is interested only in dance and it is his life ambition to become a good dancer. He was not happy with the idea of doing a job. He wanted to try for a chance in films so, he took the money which has been saved for his sister's marriage and took a train to go into the city. Rohan's father felt heartbroken about this thing. Rohan went into the city and started to look for opportunities staying in a room. He felt that his experience is not sufficient and that he need to improve his talent. So, joined a Dance training institute paying a huge fee. Rohan felt bad about himself that he has disappointed his father but, he believed that things will be fine very soon.


Rohan used to go to the cafe near his room regularly. He met a guy named 'Yousuf' there and got acquainted with him. After some time, they became good friends. But, Yousuf is a drug supplier. He used to work in a drug-dealing gang. He used to supply drugs to pubs and bars illegally and secretly. But, Rohan doesn't know anything about Yousuf related to drugs. Then the hard times for Rohan started soon. He spent all the money he brought and he did not get any opportunity anywhere. He has to pay the fees regularly to the dance institute to continue his course and if he doesn't pay, he is not allowed to continue with the dance course. Finally, he found it very hard to eat regularly. He asked Yousuf to find any job for him and as he decided to do some job to survive. Yousuf understood Rohan's situation and he arranged a job for him in a pub as a dancer. Rohan was very happy with this help from Yousuf. Rohan got a very good impression on Yousuf. In that way, he was looking for opportunities working as a dancer in the same pub. Even though, things were not going as expected. He felt doubtful about his ambition on whether he would achieve it or not. Rohan remembered his parents now. He was not happy to go home since he left his home without listening to his father's words. Every day, he was feeling depressed thinking about his situation. His experiences are teaching him what reality is.


Since the drugs supply is becoming rampant in the city, the police got alerted on getting the information. They began an intense search operation. Yousuf came to know this and he decided to stop his drug supply for some time.



Rohan got a parcel to his room at this time. It was mentioned that it was for Yousuf. Rohan called Yousuf over the phone and told him about the parcel. Yousuf told Rohan to keep the parcel safe and that he would collect it soon from him. Rohan does not know the fact that the parcel contains drugs. After ten minutes the police came to Rohan's room. Rohan was worried that the police came to his room and started searching all over his room. They found the parcel and opened it to find drugs in it. Rohan was shocked to see it. Police began questioning Rohan about the drug business and since how much time he was involved in it. Rohan was trying to explain to the police that he does not know anything about the parcel and the drugs. The police were not convinced and asked him back about how the drugs came to his room without his involvement.


Rohan told that the parcel was actually for Yousuf. The police asked Rohan who Yousuf was and how was he related to Yousuf. Rohan told the police that Yousuf was his friend. The police called Yousuf on the mobile but it was switched off. The police arrested Rohan and took him to the police station. The police were not listening to Rohan at all even he was saying the truth. The police called the media and claimed that they have arrested the drug supplier and showed Rohan to the media. Rohan felt very worried about the consequences that that happening back to back. Rohan's family saw this on the T.V and were completely devastated. Since Rohan does not have any proof to prove his innocence, the police put Rohan in jail. Rohan felt desperate and hopeless in jail. He remembered his father's words. He felt sad that his friend Yousuf cheated him baiting him his friendship. His life is completely spoiled. Rohan's father came to jail. Rohan saw his father and felt ashamed of himself. His father tried to talk with the police but the police were insisting that they could do nothing until they nab Yousuf. Then came the information that Yousuf is nabbed somewhere by the police. They brought Yousuf and on the interrogation, they've found the truth that Rohan is innocent and that Yousuf has used him. The police left Rohan free. Rohan fell on the feet of his father and asked for forgiveness. His father felt very happy to find his son back and advised him to take up the responsibility of encouraging him. Rohan tried hard and got settled in a good job.



In the story, Rohan did not assess his life properly. Everyone should have ambition. But, it should not be problematic to others. Many people will say that they do what they want. We must realize that it is a very selfish thing to decide so. We must have proper ambition in our life but, it must be with responsibility.


These days, people who take decisions based on their extreme emotions are increasing everywhere. They do not use their thoughts. Especially the youth must take their decision only after properly assessing their capacity and family situation. Otherwise, they have to face negative consequences. Likewise, we come across so many people in our life. We must assess them with proper knowledge. Otherwise, we will face many problems. In the story, since Rohan did not assess Yourself properly, he faced a big problem.


We will not be successful if we take any decision without considering our family background. Not only that, we will lose our personality as well. that is the reason why, we must take the advice of our parents, elders, and well-wishers to live our life successfully and happily.


"Responsibility is more important than ambition. Those who have the responsibility, they can definitely achieve their ambition and we must realize this."


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