Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

Albert is a fisherman. He has great skill in fishing. Albert used to work under a businessman named Mathaiah. Albert's work is to fish every evening and Mathaiah used to pay Albert for his work. Albert used to bring more fish than the other fishermen but Mathaiah does not pay Albert as he expects. Albert used to feel very bad about this. Albert has a wife and two kids and he lives in a village near the sea where all the fishermen live. Albert lives in a small hut and if the wind blows heavily or if any cyclone comes, his hut will collapse anytime. So, Albert always hoped to build a stable house for himself. In the same way, Albert wanted to educate his two kids. But he also knows that is impossible with the meager salary he is earning as a fisherman under Mathaiah. So, Albert decided to buy his own boat and save some of his earnings. Albert's plan is to save more by fishing on his own boat. So after a few days, he has saved some money which s sufficient to buy a boat. Then, Albert went to Mathiah and told him that he is quitting the job. When Mathiah asked him why he would do that, Albert replied that he wanted to buy a new boat and start fishing on his own. Mathiah did not like his idea because he knew the workmanship of Albert. Mathiah proposed that he would pay more than the usual amount for him to stay and work under him only. but Albert refused to comply with Mathiah's proposal. Albert thanked Mathaiah for giving him some work for these many days and left from there. Mathaiah is not at all happy with Albert leaving from him to work on his own.


Albert bought a boat and a fishing net with his savings and started to go fishing on his own. He could catch more fish with his skill. He used to sell his fish to a trader and began making money. Albert felt happy that his problems would soon dissappear. Mathaiah came to knew all this and he felt angry on Albert for not working under him. He felt jealous of Albert because Albert started to do business on his own. So, Mathaiah decided to crush Albert's business. Mathaiah hired some goons to look for the right time to destroy Albert's boat. One day, they've destroyed Albert's boat completely. Next morning, as usual, Albert came to the sea for fishing only to find a few broken pieces of his boat. His hopes were all broken. Albert felt broken and sat there helplessly. After some time, he started wondering who could do this to him. then he realized that this could definitely be the work of Mathaiah. But, Albert is helpless and he does not have any courage left to face Mathaiah. Albert felt devastated by this incident when everything is going on very smoothly. After some time, Albert again decided to achieve his target.


Albert remembered his friend Sarang. Sarang is also a fisherman. Sarang was left stranded some time ago in a heavy cyclone only to be saved by Albert from that danger. Sarang was hurt in that incident and stayed away from fishing since then. Sarang has his own boat. Since Sarang is not using his boat right now, Albert went to Sarang to ask for his boat. Sarang felt very happy on seeing Albert. Albert told Sarang all the incidents happened so far. Sarang felt sad hearing Albert. Albert then asked Sarang one help. Sarang promised to help Albert in any way possible. Albert asked Sarang to hire his fishing boat for him. Albert promised Sarang to pay the required rent for that boat. Sarang felt very happy on hearing this. Albert thanked Sarang and left from there taking the boat with him. Albert restarted his work again. Albert worked a lot more than before. Mathaiah came to know all this and felt very ashamed of himself.


Mathaiah decided to kick Albert out of his village. Therefore, he called all the fishermen who are working under him and asked them to kick Albert out of their village if they wanted to continue to work under Mathaiah. Mathaiah warned the fishermen that he would fire them all if they didn't do as ordered. The distressed fishermen told the same to Albert. Albert felt very sad to hear that Mathaiah has become so spiteful of him.


Albert told the fishermen not to panic and assured them that he would leave the village with his family. Albert finally left the village with his family. Albert felt very sad by looking at his wife and kids in that situation.



Albert went to the nearby village and started to live in a small hut which he built for himself on the outskirts of the village with the permission of the villagers. He used to go from there to the sea for fishing. Even though the sea is very far from the village, Albert used to work from there itself. Mathaiah came to know of this and decided to stop this also. Mathaiah used his influence to convince every trader in the market not to buy Albert's fish and therefore, no one came forward to buy the fish brought by Albert. Albert felt very sad and became impatient. But, Albert decides to continue with his work. So, Albert decided to sell his fish directly in the nearby town itself. Albert told his wife about his decision. His wife accepted his decision.


They've relocated to the town and started to sell their fish by the roadside. Albert used to go daily to the sea from the city for fishing and come back to sell the fish in the town. This is a very risky task and involves a lot of hard work. But they kept on doing it. Gradually, the demand for Albert's fish began to rise. They've made decent savings. After some time, they have stopped selling on the roadside and opened their own shop. Within one year, he bought two more fishing boats. Slowly, he started to supply fish to other shops also. After one more year, he bought ten more fishing boats and he became a big businessman very soon.


Now he has got a car, bungalow, and good status. He has achieved whatever he wanted to achieve. Albert felt happy that he is doing business which is ten times larger than that of Mathaiah. Mathaiah came to know of this and he felt very ashamed of himself for giving Albert much trouble out of his jealousy. One day, Albert came to meet Mathaiah and saluted Mathaiah and told that Mathaiah was the reason behind his success and his acts were the reason behind Albert becoming a great businessman and he thanked Mathaiah for that. Mathaiah felt very ashamed of himself for his deeds.



If we have the determination to achieve something, we can do it even though we are faced by any number of problems. This can be understood by looking at Albert. Albert went forward in his life even though he was faced with many troubles and he could achieve great success finally. If we want to achieve something in our life, we must move forward undeterred by obstacles. Only then, we can achieve success. If we have clarity on our goals, we can create our own opportunities. No one in the world achieved success without facing any obstacles. We must realize this. Many among us will be a failure without trying. We must never stop trying once we've started something great. We must move forward with great determination to achieve something. Albert's life is an example of this.




"Our life will throw obstacles at us every time. We must accept that. We must fight with them. Only then, we will achieve real success."


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