Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

There is a big jungle in a place called Aljeera. The lion is the king of that jungle. There are different kinds of animals living harmoniously in that jungle. Every animal will respect their king. Likewise, the lion also used to rule the jungle righteously. It has given ministerial representation for all kinds of animals in its form of ruling. There is a fox in that jungle. It is so clever. The fox used to work as an important adviser to the lion king. The lion used to trust the fox very much. The lion used to take the advice of the fox in every important aspect. But the fox has done many wrong things using its powerful position to its advantage. The fox used to demand his share in every aspect. Likewise, the fox has gotten used to demanding its shares in anything. Other animals did not like this behavior of fox but, no one dared to complain to the lion about the fox. One day, the lion went into the jungle to visit the animals. On the way, it saw a group of rabbits fighting with each other. The lion approached the group of animals. The rabbits stopped their fight and stood respectfully on seeing their king approaching them.


The lion has asked, "What happened?"


One rabbit among them replied, "Great King! The food is not sufficient for us and that is why we had a small fight among us. This is normal for us every time. We are very happy to see you, Great King."

The Lion asked, "Aren't you getting sufficient fruits and potatoes? Why do you need to fight for food?"

The rabbits were silent to the question. The lion became suspicious and asked them again what was happening. The rabbits were not ready to say the truth. The lion roared and asked them to say what was happening.


One rabbit replied, "Great King, we have to give the fox its share of thirty percent every time we get the food. That is why we have a problem with the food."


The lion got very angry listening to these words and told the rabbits that from now on they would receive sufficient food regularly and went away from there.


The lion called the fox and warned it very seriously and said, "I could have punished you with death for your mistake but, I'm sparing your life. Go away and do not see me again."


The fox was worried and pleaded to the lion, "O Great King! I've done a terrible mistake. Please forgive me. I will never repeat this mistake anytime in my life." The lion thought for a while and ordered the fox to apologize to all the animals. Lion made the meeting with all the animals, Fox bowed his head before all the animals and said " Please excuse me and I will not repeat this mistake again I'am Making owe to you", For this all the animals felt very happy and they thanked the lion for making this decision. But fox was very unhappy with this result and felt angry and increased its grudge over the lion and thought that it have to insult the lion in the same manner and waiting for the right time.


The summer season has arrived and there were no rains that year. Since the temperature was very high, the largest pond in the jungle started to dry up. This pond is the major source of water to most of the animals in the jungle. The water levels in the pond reduced drastically within a short period of time. The water crisis has begun in the forest. All the animals were waiting desperately for the rains to come. There was a crocodile in that pond. The crocodile has stopped the animals to drink water from that pond saying that if all the animals continue to drink water from the same pond, it wouldn't be sufficient for the crocodiles to survive. The crocodile has intimidated the animals in order to stay away from the pond.



The animals told the issue to the lion. The lion called the fox and ordered the fox to solve the problem. The fox was already waiting for the right chance to take revenge on the lion has decided to make use of this opportunity. The fox went to the pond and tried to drink some water from the pond. The crocodile has stopped the fox and asked the fox not to drink the water from the pond. The fox tried to provide the crocodile and said, "According to the rules, this pond belongs to everyone and what right have you got to stop me from drinking the water from this pond?"


The crocodile replied. "If you drink the already less water in the pond, it will become very difficult for us to survive with no water in the pond."


The fox asked, "This is the order of the Lion King. How dare you question his order?"


The crocodile replied, "He may be the king of the forest but, I am the king of this pond."


The fox has got the opportunity to make the problem worse. The fox asked the crocodile whether that was the final stance of the crocodile.


The crocodile replied, "Even if your Great King comes, I will say the same thing." The fox returned to to the lion and said, "Great King, the crocodile did not listen to my words even I've persuaded it for a long time. It also started to abuse your highness and I cannot mention those words to you. I felt like killing the crocodile on the spot but, it is the strongest animal in the water. I have returned back helpless." The lion became very angry and started to leave for the pond angrily. The fox felt very happy and thought that everything is going on as it expected.


The lion arrived at the pond. The lion roared at the crocodile, "How dare you break the law of jungle. Are you not aware of the laws of this jungle?" The crocodile replied, "Great King, it is all right whatever you have said. But, if the water in the pond finished completely, we will not be surviving anymore."


The fox said suddenly. "Look, Your Highness, how dare it can talk like that to you?"


The lion ordered, "Does that mean all the animals of this jungle should die of thirst. I am ordering as the Great King, allow all the animals to drink the water from this pond."


The crocodile replied, "Great King, we were silent and allowed everyone to drink water from the pond when there is plenty of water in the pond. But now, our lives are in danger and we will not allow anyone to drink water from this pond." The lion became furious on hearing this reply from the crocodile.


The fox observed this and said, "Great King, kill this crocodile because it is refusing to comply with your order."


The lion said to the crocodile, "I'm ordering you for the last time. If you don't comply, I will kill you."


The crocodile replied, "Great King, You cannot kill me. You may be the strongest on the land. But in the water, we are stronger than you."


The lion pounced on the crocodile furiously. Both the lion and the crocodile fought intensely. The fox was watching them fight happily. In the end, the lion couldn't withstand the strength of the crocodile. It has somehow escaped from the crocodile and came out of the pond. Then the fox started to say, "Oh Great King! What a disgrace to you!" and began to console the lion. The fox in fact felt happy that it has finally taken its revenge on the lion.


The crocodile pleaded with the lion, "Great King, I've fought with you to defend myself. Please forgive me."


The lion repented for his mistake and stepped down from the position of the king and made his heir as the new king of the jungle.



The lion has given a special place for the fox. It forgave the mistakes of the fox. But, the fox felt ashamed when the lion has pointed out its mistake. It finally took its revenge on the lion. Likewise, there are many people among us who make a lot of mistakes. When someone questions them for their mistakes, they make that person as their enemy. It is not at all good to behave in one way for our needs and in another way if we don't have any needs. We have to be respectful of those who respect us. We must not take revenge on anyone with jealousy. If we do so, we will face complicated problems in our lives. In the story, the lion forgave the mistake of the fox and learned a good lesson. Likewise, we must make sure that the same mistakes do not get repeated in our lives, even though it is good to forgive someone for their mistakes.


In the story, the crocodile was ready to fight with the lion for its survival. We must recognize it. If we are righteous, we must not be afraid of anyone. We can learn this lesson from the crocodile.


Good story..