Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

Vittal Maurya is a rich and a successful businessman. He lives a luxurious life. He wants to be the best in every work he does. One day his friend has bought a costly dog as a pet. Maurya came to know this and he has decided to buy a pet dog which should be costlier than that of his friend. He has searched everywhere and finally he bought a pet dog from Germany which is two times costlier than that of his friend. He has arranged a big party and explained to his friends about the dog and its qualities and felt very proud of himself. He has named the dog as ‘Rumi’. He has also appointed a caretaker for Rumi. The caretaker’s name is ‘Chotu’. Chotu lost his father in his childhood in an accident and his mother has lost her leg in the same accident and became physically handicapped. Chotu has a sister and he wanted to educate her so, he is sending her to the school. In order to feed his family, he does all kinds of odd jobs anytime and anywhere. Luckily, he has got the job of caretaker of Rumi under a rich businessman. Since he is getting decent salary, he joined the job very happily.


Maurya has arranged a separate room for Rumi. So, Chotu has to stay in the same room long with Rumi. He has to feed Rumi on time. He has to shower Rumi and take it out for walk regularly. Chotu does his work perfectly on time regularly. Maurya likes his dog very much. He does not tolerate any sort of negligence of Chotu towards the dog.



One day, Chotu took the dog out for a walk. When he about to step on the road to walk, Rumi saw a pack of street dogs and started to bark. Immediately, those dogs also started to bark back and came running towards Rumi. Chotu was terrified and tried to pacify Rumi not to bark and took it away from the approaching dogs. But Rumi was not co-operating with Chotu and started to bark more loudly. Then the dogs attacked Rumi and all the dogs started to bite Rumi. Chotu was terrified. He was trying to pull Rumi out from the pack of dogs but he couldn’t do it. Chotu was afraid that he will definitely lose his job if something happens to Rumi. Chotu is still trying very hard to save Rumi from the pack of dogs. In the process, Rumi and Chotu were hurt very badly. Chotu is bleeding very badly. He took Rumi back to home. Maurya saw the dog was hurt and asked Chotu what happened. Chotu narrated what happened very clearly ad soon, Maurya started to scold Chotu very badly.


Maurya screamed at Chotu, “Do you know the price value of my dog? If someone comes to know about what had happened to my dog what could become of my status? Don’t you know that you should take care of my dog very carefully”.



Chotu was already hurt and when Maurya started to scream at Chotu, he did not know what to do and was standing helplessly. Maurya said, “Do not appear me again. I am removing you from your job as the caretaker of my dog” and took the dog to the hospital in his car. Chotu did not know what to do with the pain from his bruises and instead, he sat there near the gate itself. Maurya returned back after getting treatment for his dog in the hospital. He saw Chotu near his gate post and shouted at him for not going away. Chotu got up slowly from the ground and pleaded Maurya to take him to take him to hospital because he was feeling great pain because of bruises. Maurya became very angry on hearing this request from Chotu. He pushed Chotu out of his gate saying, “How dare you ask me to take you to hospital? How do I look like to you?”


Chotu moaned in pain because he was already hurt very badly. Maurya closed the gate with a bang and walked back shouting. “You don’t deserve to touch my dog. How dare you ask me to take you to the hospital” Chotu could not walk anymore and he sat there itself crying in pain. Since it is the rainy season, it started to rain heavily. He was sitting there even in the rain, because he couldn’t move anywhere. He remembered his sister and mother and felt very helpless in that situation. Chotu doesn’t know that one should not stay in the rain after a dog-bite. The whole night, Chotu was crying in pain and finally, he was dead.



Chotu had a very pathetic death towards the end. This is a depressing situation to think of but the reason behind his death is the stupidity of humans. This is the perfect example to show that the stupidity of humans could lead to any distressing situation. One must think about the fact that people like Maurya do not value human beings as much as they value the dogs. Money breeds power and arrogance in human beings. Power does not understand the reality properly. Maurya did not behave as a human being with Chotu. He was serious about the fact that his costly dog was bitten by some street dogs. He did not realize the pain of a poor man.


People like Maurya should realize that society and human beings are also equally important to everyone as a luxurious life is. The rich people should be generous. The poor people should be respectful. The poor are always respectful. So also, the rich should always be generous. That is the indicator of developing society. We should live to build values on each other. Let us build a society where there would be no differences between the rich and the poor, no place for negative emotions but people with sensible responsibilities.



Heart touching story... No one gives equal respect to others