Moral Stories


By-M R Varma

Neha and Karthik were deeply in love with each other for about six months. Both of them wanted to tell their parents about their relationship to plan a grand wedding. But, Karthik’s family is wholly dependent of Karthik’s income so, Karthik is looking for the promotion in his job. Karthik convinced Neha that he would talk to her parents about their marriage after he gets the promotion he was looking for. And, finally he got the promotion and both of them felt very happy. But, for Karthik, along with the promotion, he has got extra responsibilities in his work and he wanted to make use of this opportunity to work hard and become successful in his career. So, he focused completely on his work. Gradually, he could not spend enough time with Neha. But, Neha was forcing him to talk to her parents and get married soon. Karthik is convincing her that he would certainly talk to her parents after he would be free from the heavy job work before him. Karthik is of the view that Neha would certainly try to understand him. But, Neha was losing her patience regarding Karthik’s decreased interest in her because he was not meeting her as he did before and she started to argue with him about the issue. But, Karthik could do nothing apart from convincing her about his situation. Neha’s trust on Karthik started to fade away slowly.


On one day, Neha saw Karthik with some other girl on his bike. Soon, her doubts started to gain some ground and she called Karthik on her mobile and Karthik did not pick up the call. Neha started to believe that Karthik is cheating on her with some other girl. After some time, Karthik called her and Neha asked Karthik to meet her immediately. But, Karthik replied that he was in some urgent meeting and that he would meet at 6:00 PM in the evening and he hanged up the phone immediately. Neha felt very frustrated at his reply.


Neha went to the place at the mentioned time where Karthik told that he would meet her and Karthik arrived there at 7:00 PM. Then she started to shout at Karthik about his disinterestedness on her. Neha also told him that he has changed a lot and that he stopped loving her completely. Karthik replied that he has so much work in the office and that is the reason why he couldn’t spend his time with her. Karthik felt sorry about his helpless situation. But, Neha had her own suspicions about him. During their conversation, Karthik phone was ringing all the time and when his phone rang again, Neha took his phone only to find that someone named ‘Sameera’ was calling him from so long a time. This time, Neha asked Karthik to put the speaker on and talk to her. When the speaker was on, a woman’s voice on the other end started,


“Karthik, where are you? You’ve told that you will come in half an hour and you did not turn up yet. I’m waiting for you in the ‘coffeeday’. Please come soon.”


Karthik told her that he would be there in ten minutes and he hanged up the phone. Neha’s suspicions were confirmed. She didn’t even ask Karthik about Sameera because she completely understood what was happening. She went away from there and she started to avoid Karthik completely. She didn’t even pick up the phone calls from Karthik. Adding to this, even Neha’s friends told her that they have seen Karthik with some other girl. Neha believed firmly that Karthik cheated on her and did not meet Karthik even if he tried meeting her. Even before trying to understand what was happening with Neha, Karthik heard that Neha accepted a marriage proposal arranged by her parents and she got married also. Karthik could not understand what happened and he felt very sad about it. Slowly, he started to focus on his work just like he did before. Neha always believed that Karthik cheated on her and started to forget him completely. A couple of days passed by like this.



Neha’s husband Abhi is a rich businessman. One day, Abhi told Neha that he wanted to start a new company and had applied for a bank loan. Since, the Bank Officers are on the way to their house, Abhi has asked Neha to make some coffee for them. Neha went into the kitchen to prepare some coffee and the officers have arrived. Abhi was talking to them and Neha brought them coffee. Neha saw them and was shocked to see them. There is Karthik and some other girl in front of Abhi. Karthik and Neha were shocked after looking at each other. Abhi introduced his wife Neha to Karthik and Sameera. Neha said “Hello” and rushed back inside after putting down the coffee.  Neha started to regret about her mistake. This girl Sameera is the same girl whom she saw with Karthik on his bike and they are colleagues. Karthik was trying to explain that to her and she never believed him. Karthik also felt that she wanted to be happy with someone who cares for her and that is the reason why she married Abhi. After a few days, everyone got settled in their own lives. But, this episode has left an unforgettable scar in both their lives.



In the above story, Neha has questioned her trust in Karthik but, she did not try to understand the responsibilities of Karthik. Neha has turned her love for Karthik into suspicions and hatred. Suspiciousness is a bitter enemy for love. Neha was unsuccessful to overcome her suspicions and find true love of Karthik. Thus she has lost a great lover. People are obsessed about love but qualities like trust, responsibility and respect are the foundations on which love builds itself. Karthik and Neha’s story is the perfect example for this.



Love and trust should always be the best friends to each other. If not, they will be the worst enemies to each other.

Konduru vishala

Its an inspiring story for many love failures and true situation are always impactable as positive by this story.