Moral Stories


By-MR Varma

In the outskirts of the village named ‘Mevad’, there is a bungalow which is inhabited by none and it is very old. One has to cross this antique structure when one goes into the village which has only one main road and this building stands just beside the road. No one will be there in the surrounding of that building after 10:00 P.M. after the dusk. No one will even dare to cross the building though the road at dark hours. The widely believed fact was that the members of a family which were once residing there were burnt alive by someone in that very bungalow. And everyone started to believe that the bungalow and its surroundings are haunted. Everyone believed that some strange noises coming from that bungalow during the nights and if someone happens to cross that bungalow, ghosts would haunt them and even some of them lost their lives. Several other rumors are prevalent among the villagers regarding the old bungalow.


That is why everyone from that village who happen to cross that bungalow will make sure that they are at their respective homes before 10:00 P.M. and also to travel in groups. No one from that village will, at any cost try to cross that bungalow alone at nights.


Ajay, Yogi and Karan are three best friends who were studying together in a school in the nearby town. One fine day they have finished their last exam and were planning to return home because of the vacation for one month. Ajay and Karan are from the same village “Mevad”. Yogi is from the other village. Ajay had invited Yogi to his village to enjoy together for at least two days. Though Yogi declined initially, he had to finally give in to their requests as Karan was also insisting him to come over to their place. So, Ajay was asking him to make haste for the journey. Yogi was wondering why and told them that they need not make haste but can go to their village slowly after watching a movie.


Then suddenly Ajay told it is a must that they have to reach their village by 10:00 P.M. Yogi inquired why it should be so, having confused by his statement.


Ajay said, “When we get down from the bus and walk towards our village, we have to cross a haunted building and if we did not reach our village by 10:00 P.M., we would be haunted by the ghosts from that building. Suddenly Yogi burst out in laughter after hearing this from Ajay. But Ajay kept on insisting that whatever he was saying was truth. Yogi asked them to stop talking about bullshit about ghosts and he was mocking them for their superstitious beliefs.


“Those olden days when we used to believe in ghosts are gone, man. Now, ghosts would fear us if they happen to see us. I will take care of any ghost which comes our way. Let’s go to watch a movie and then to your village”, said Yogi. But, Karan was reluctant and was trying to explain to Yogi about the importance of reaching the village before time.


But Yogi was firm with his decision and his friends couldn’t convince him. All the three went to watch the movie and after that they had dinner and boarded the bus which drops them near their village. They have boarded the bus at 9:00 P.M. and it will take around two hour journey in the bus to reach their village.


“It’s very frightening to think of that bungalow, Yogi. I think we are risking too much”, said Ajay. “What kind of cowards you are to talk like this! Be courageous. Learn from me dudes” said Yogi with added sarcasm. Just after Yogi uttered these words, the bus came to a screeching halt near the Mevad main road.


All the three got down and were standing on the road and the time is 11:30 P.M. “We have to walk for a kilometer down this road”, said Ajay looking at the narrow road which seems to disappear deep into the darkness. “Okay, let’s go”, said Yogi moving forward. Ajay and Karan looked very fearful and were walking very slowly. After walking for a few distance Ajay showed Yogi a board on which it was written that, “DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS ROAD ALONE AFTER 10:00 P.M. DANGER”.  Yogi read that and started laughing out loudly and said “Who is going alone at this time? We are not alone. We are three of us now” and walked past that board.



It was dark all around and there were no street lights so, they have switched on the torch on their mobile phones and were walking along the road. Soon, they could see the bungalow from a distance. Ajay and Karan began to feel uneasy with frightfulness with every step they take towards that bungalow.  Yogi saw that dreaded countenance on their faces and prodded them to walk fast.


“Yogi, it’s very frightening dude”, said Ajay. Yogi replied, “You need not fear anything. I am with you”. He said these words and took hold of both their hands and walked forward briskly. They could hear some strange noises and they were getting louder and clearer as they were approaching the bungalow. Finally, they have arrived near the bungalow.


Suddenly Yogi started screaming loudly and Ajay and Karan were scared and they started running away from him with fear without even looking back. Yogi ran behind them yelling at them to stop running. After running for some distance, Ajay and Karan stopped running and looked around. Yogi was approaching them laughing from behind.


Ajay asked him seriously, “Why did you scream? You have scared us to death”. Yogi replied sarcastically,


“I just wanted to scare the ghost away from with my scream, and why did you people fear that much?” and started to laugh at them. But, Ajay and Karan became very angry.


Then Yogi said again, “It was just for fun dudes. Let’s go”. But, Ajay and Karan were not at all happy with this sarcastic attitude of Yogi.


“Yogi, will you please stop acting funny at least now?” said Ajay angrily. “First, you have to stop fearing about silly things” replied Yogi.


“We got fed up and we don’t have patience to argue with him right now. Let’s go” said Karan. All the three went into the village. Yogi stayed there and enjoyed for the following two days and wet back to his home.


The vacation is completed and Yogi came back from his home directly to their college and went into the hostel assuming his friends had already arrived there. But, to his surprise, they are not in the hostel. They are still back at their home. Yogi dialed up their number and called Ajay.


“Hey, what happened to you guys? Why didn’t you people come to the hostel yet? You’ve told me that you would come back today” Yogi asked Ajay over the phone.


“There is a festival going on in our village dude. We will be back in two days”, replied Ajay. “You could’ve told me before in hand man. Now, I’ve to stay alone here for two days. I’ll be bored man”, said Yogi.


“Then come to our village. We will celebrate the festival and we will go to the college together” said Ajay. “Then what about the classes man?” asked Yogi. “It’s just for two days man. Come on. We will go together to the college. By the way, the festival in our village will be celebrated very gloriously” said Ajay. “Okay man, I’m coming to your village now”, said Yogi.


“Hey, don’t start now. It’s already twilight. Start tomorrow early in the morning”, said Ajay. “Why man? Is it because of the ghosts in that building? How many times I’ve told you that ghosts do not exist. Even if they do exist, I don’t fear them. I’m leaving now to your village”, said Yogi as he disconnected the phone call.


Yogi went to bus station and it is already 7:00 P.M when he boarded the bus towards Mevad. Yogi started to take a small nap as he was tired of journeying the whole day. And the bus has started towards Mevad. Suddenly, the bus came to a screeching halt with a loud bursting sound. Yogi woke up startled only to see smoke emanating from the bus. All the passengers got down from the bus. Yogi went to the bus driver and inquired about the smoke from the bus. Bus driver replied that the engine got some problem and he has to fix it. Yogi then asked how much time he would take to fix it. The driver replied that it would take around two hours.


Yogi felt frustrated and called Ajay over the phone but it was not reachable. Yogi did not know what to do now and sat beside the road on a rock. Now the time is 10:00 P.M. “The bus is ready. Let’s go”, shouted the driver and Yogi got on to the bus along with the other passengers and the bus started. At 11:00 PM, the bus has stopped at Mevad Road. Yogi got down from the bus and the bus left.


It is very dark around him everywhere. The sky is very silent. Yogi switched on the torch on his mobile phone and started to walk forward. He has got no enthusiasm now which he had when he came last time with his friends. It was silent everywhere. He has suddenly heard some strange noise. Yogi moved his torch to the side from where the noise came and he could see the board with warnings of danger, which he saw the previous time when he visited with his friends. That board was moving to and fro making that noise. Yogi was worried that he could run into trouble walking through that road alone. Slowly, he started to walk forward. Again he heard some noise and felt someone was moving along that road beside him. Again, he moved the torch to check out who it was and found nobody. Yogi felt scared and walked very fast. He felt that the fear was just hallucination when he was walking with his friends. Now, when he is walking alone, he felt that the fear was real.


In some distance, the bungalow was visible to him in that dim light. He felt real scared and was not at all comfortable to move forward. Then he suddenly heard a loud noise, calling him “Yogi, come here”. That’s all. Yogi was shivering with fear and his heart was beating very fast. Again the voice came asking him, “Why are you walking away? Come here Yogi”. Yogi was terrified and started to run away from that place. He ran and ran and finally came near the bungalow. Yogi was terrified with fear and anxiety. There near the bungalow, he saw a big shadow calling him again with loud voice. Yogi was sure that he was about to die and he started to run about screaming for help with closed eyes. He lost control of himself mentally and physically and ran about aimlessly. He suddenly hit a wall and fell down and became unconscious. His hands and legs got bruises. Slowly he gained consciousness and he opened his eyes only to look at the deadly sky.


He could hear someone laughing. He got up and looked around. Ajay, Karan and some of his friends approached him from the behind laughing out very loudly. Yogi felt relaxed at this moment with his friends and people around him. He felt very bad about himself. His friends saw the bruises and were worried. Yogi understood the situation and asked them angrily why did they do this to him? They have replied that they wanted to know how courageous Yogi is but, they didn’t expect that he would be hurt badly. Yogi realized his mistake and felt sorry for his apathetic behavior towards his friends. “It’s all over and let’s go to the hospital”, said Ajay and everyone moved into the village.



This story is not about contesting the existence of ghosts but, to explain that certain emotions like courage and fear could occur to any person according to the given situation. One has to understand that situation and empathize with it. Many would try to mask their real emotions and they will try to make up for their weakness. Yogi has done the same thing in this story. He tried to show off as a courageous person successfully, but he failed to as such when faced with reality. Fear is a common human emotion and it could be in different form in each of us.


We should always try to mould those emotions for our betterment but never try to mask those emotions. If we go on to show off everything, it would definitely destroy our personality. We should always empathize with others emotions and ever try to degrade them. This is because, each and every one among us have the same emotions working in us.


A few people may respond hugely for trivial things where as some others may respond slowly for big things. All this depends upon the mental and emotional states of an individual.



In reality, fear and courageousness are useful for human survival. We have to understand them according to the situation. This is because there is no one in this world who has achieved success without any fear.



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