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Pankaj is a railway employee. His wife's name is Pratima. Pankaj and Pratima were living happily together. Pankaj is an alcoholic. He drinks daily and his wife doesn't like him drinking. Pratima tried very hard to convince Pankaj to give up drinking but, Pankaj did not listen to her. They used to fight regularly regarding this issue. Apart from this issue, they never had any fight and were happy with each other.

Gagan is a media reporter. He is working in a reputed TV channel. Gagan works in the 'Crime Reporting' department of the organization. His boss is not happy with him because he is not reporting any interesting news for a long time recently. Boss called Gagan and told that Gagan has not been reporting anything recently and that he would fire Gagan if he fails to do his job properly. Gagan requested his boss to give him one last chance for which his boss accepted. So, Gagan decided to create interesting news at any cost.

One evening Pankaj told Pratima that he would be back soon and left the house. He went to the bar and started to drink. It is 10:00 PM and Pratima was worried that Pankaj did not come back and called his number on her mobile phone. But, Pankaj left his mobile at home itself. It is 11:00 PM now and still Pankaj did not come back.


Pratima was worried that he could have gone to a bar to drink. Pratime went walking straight to the bar and found that Pankaj's bike is parked before the bar. She went into the bar and asked the management there to send Pankaj out. they went and told that to Pankaj. Pankaj was already intoxicated and he was furious on seeing his wife in front of the bar. He started to argue with Pratima questioning why she came for him at this time to the bar. At the same time, Gagan was going by that way and saw the couple fighting in front of the bar. Gagan found this interesting and took out his video camera and started to video shoot the incident. Pratima was aging that she waited for him up to this hour and called him and found that he forgot his phone at home itself and that is why she came walking to the bar. Pankaj argued back that he is not a child and asked his wife to leave.

Pratima told Pankaj that he was already drunk and he needs to stop drinking and come back home. She took Pankaj by his hand and tried to take him back home. Pankaj pushed his wife saying that he wouldn't come now. Pratima fell on the road and her arm was hurt. Pankaj went back into the bar. Pratima felt very bad about this and asked the management to send his husband back home safely and gave them some money.

Gagan has recorded all this and took it to his boss to show him. His boss was happy to see the video. His boss suggested a title "Man assaults his wife in front of the bar" and asked Gagan to create a story to make the news viral.


Next day, Pankaj was working in the office. His co-worker came to him and told that he is being shown on the TV. Pankaj was surprised and watched the TV. pankaj was shocked to see the video footage of him knocking down his wife last night on the road. It is being shown again and again. Pankaj felt insulted in front of everyone watching the news. Pankaj did not know how it all happened. He doubted his wife that she would have done this to make him give up drinking. Pankaj became angry at once and went back to home at once.

Gagan saw him while he is on his way back home. Gagan followed Pankaj to his home. Pankaj went into the house and started to fight with his wife. He accused his wife that he lost his name because of her. He hit her hard angrily. Gagan was already recording this on his video camera through the window. Pratima was telling him that she doesn't know anything but he did not listen to her. He pushed her to the wall asking who else will do this if not her. Pratima's head hit the wall from behind and she was bleeding. Gagan was recording all this. Pankaj saw the blood and apologized to her wife that it was his mistake to react in anger. His wife told that she doesn't know anything and he immediately took her to the hospital.


Gagan sent the video to his boss and his boss liked the video. Boss gave the title "Man keeps on assaulting his wife" and asked Gagan to add this video also. Since they got a good response in terms of viewership to the previous video, they've decided to make this video also viral. The boss appreciated Gagan and asked Gagan what to do next. Gagan told him that they went to the hospital and he will go to the hospital to take the interview of Pankaj. His boss appreciated Gagan very much.

In the hospital, the doctor told Pankaj that a small treatment is needed and Pankaj was waiting outside. Pankaj was feeling bad about himself about the news on the TV. A nurse approaches him and told him that he was being shown on the TV again. Pankaj saw that the video of him fighting with his wife in his house is recorded and shown on the TV again and again. Pankaj was completely devastated and realized that his career has come to an end. Pankaj finally realized that someone is purposefully doing this to him.

Pankaj's parents called him and told him that they didn't expect him to do this and told him that they lost all the respect they had so far in society. His friends and colleagues were messaging him about the news and the video. Gagan came in with the cameraman suddenly and without understanding the situation he was in at that time, he put the mike and camera in front of him and started questioning Pankaj why he was torturing his wife. Pankaj denied talking to them at that moment regarding anything.

Gagan asked him why he was fighting with his wife in front of the bar on that day and in his house today. Pankaj understood that it was Gagan who was doing all this to him and started to shout on Gagan asking why he did this to him. He hit Gagan and Gagan escaped from there but, the cameraman recorded the whole video. Pratima came out after the treatment and saw Pankaj and asked him what had happened. Pankaj told all these things to Pratima. Pratima consoled Pankaj because he was feeling sad that he lost all the respect in the society. Gagan showed the video recording in the hospital to his boos and boss felt very bad that Gagan was hit and suggested the heading "Psycho fights with the reporter also" and he broadcasted all the video footages together.

They broadcasted all the videos and Pankaj saw the videos on TV. Pankaj was unable to digest the fact that he was being shown on the TV as the psycho. He immediately committed suicide. Pratima and Pankaj's family were completely devasted with his suicide. Gagan and his boss also came to know that Pankaj has committed suicide. But, they did not show this on the TV.



This may be a story but, right now, there are many cases like these which are going on in our society. In this story, we know very clearly who was the real reason behind his death. Media should be a tool to report useful things to society. The present media has no values and this can be found in everyday affairs.

What mistake did Pankaj do in this story? Small fights like this will happen in families. It all depends on their understanding with each other. Media has tried to show Pankaj as a perpetrator fo their own benefit. As a result, Pankaj has lost his life and who will take responsibility for his death?

Media must look at some things in life with humaneness. Media should be the one showing the solutions and not the one creating the problems. It is wrong to show personal and family issues in such a manner to the world. There are many laws protecting the privacy and personal space of an individual. We will all follow them and the media also should understand this personal space.

It is not wrong to highlight the wrongs happening in the society but it is not right to show small issues as a big crime because society is being influenced by the media in a significant way.

Media is not taking the above-mentioned things into consideration these days. Media is large business these days and the business should never be made on human emotions. Its duty is to provide the right information and no to create problems indirectly. The film has a 'Censor Board' to cut all the unwanted scenes from the film but the media doesn't have any Censor Board as such to regulate news reporting. If the media also has a board to regulate news reporting, things can be improved and let us expect governments to take some action on this issue.


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