Short Stories


By-M R Varma

Shivan was a cloth merchant in Jagur town which was a famous town for cloths business.  Shivan’s cloth shop earned a good name in the town. Shivan's was very sincere with his customers in his cloth business. In the same town there was a friend of Shivam by name Mishva who was also running a cloth shop. He could not maintain the shop for some reasons. Therefore he incurred a loss in his cloth business. He, therefore, decided to leave the town. Before leaving the town, he wanted to have a word with his friend Shivan.Mishva went to Shivan and explained his him circumstance of business Shivan questioned him where he would stay after leaving the town and advised him to stay in the town and run the cloth business and gave him some money to run his business.
Mishva improved his cloth business with the money given Shivan. After some time Shivan’s business ran into loss unexpectedly which finally forced him to sell his shop and house. Then Shivan remembered Mishva and went to him and told him about the loss in his business. Mishva expressed his inability to help Shivan stating that he invested his entire amount in the business and therefore he had no money to help him.
Shivan felt deeply pained when he heard it. Thus Shivan lost his house and money. 
Analysis:--  In life, we should think carefully before doing anything. Look before you leap.
Moral:- We may help others but without expecting any fruit. Because people who receive help will never help again. Beware of these kind ungrateful friends.


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