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The important motive of The Intense is to provide inspiring, motivational and informational articles. We believe that these articles could be useful to your present lives in a progressive way.
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Mullar was searching for long for a treasure trove. It was his life’s mission. His serious efforts helped him find a trove in a place. But he thought he being alone could not do it. He contacted Bishop for this purpose. Bishop was trying to get this treasure for..


One day there was a heavy rain in Vaaga town. In that heavy down pour a 65 year old man Richard was driving his car. Due to heavy rain Richard could not see the road ahead which resulted in dashing his car against a poll injuring him seriously. Richard pleaded for hel..


Winston was a mechanic on a monthly salary in a shop. He had a girlfriend by name Meera Once he thought of presenting a costly gift to her on her birthday.  But he had no sufficient money to buy it. Then he thought of spending some money on bike race an..


Ashok has completed his education. He has to search for a job which is essential for everyone. Finding a job is essential. But Ashok neglected to try to find a job. He spent most of his time with his friends watching cinemas and games on mobile phone. He lost his inte..


Shivan was a cloth merchant in Jagur town which was a famous town for cloths business.  Shivan’s cloth shop earned a good name in the town. Shivan's was very sincere with his customers in his cloth business. In the same town there was a friend of S..


Bhushan was a small trader. He had a general store. Daily he would pray the God and start his business with the confidence that his faith in God would shower His blessings to grow his business. At present, his business is running with profit. But Bhushan wanted more p..