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By-M R Varma

Winston was a mechanic on a monthly salary in a shop. He had a girlfriend by name Meera Once he thought of presenting a costly gift to her on her birthday.  But he had no sufficient money to buy it. Then he thought of spending some money on bike race and with the money won he would give a gift to her.

But he had no bike to participate in the bike race. He took one bike in the shop without the knowledge of its owner. He went to the venue of the bike race paid the money he had for participating in the bike race. He was determined to win in the bike race by hook or crook and to give the gift to Meera, his beloved. The race started. He was driving the bike at a breakneck pace. Winston almost reached the target to win. But unfortunately a stone struck the Tyre off the bike and he fell down and received many injuries and the bike was also badly damaged. For damaging the bike he was removed from his job. At last, he realized that he committed a great mistake

Moral: We should give assurance to those who love which is the greatest gift to them.



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